August WIP

August WIP

A lot of things in the works and a few new happenings this month.

Last weekend I was able to attend the Alberta Game Jam featuring developers from Calgary, Lethbridge, and Edmonton in Alberta and was able to crank out a quick concept by myself along with some help with sound effects by Kyle Daly.

It’s a dungeon delver featuring a quick delve mechanic after a level clear and a steady hand mechanic for sword play. You can grab the game at.

Now to get back on topic. Some new adjustments to current mechanics. I was on my Quake/UT hit and borrowed some inspiration from these games as shown below.

Similar to the bomb jumping from Metroid except with a bit more punch.

Odal is still being worked on, this is the swordsman boss soon to be “The Honored Flame Swordman” once the additional mechanics get implemented.

Odal is a re-occuring boss that you’ll face as you progress through the game. Although a bit complex, I thought this would be the best opportunity to expose the player to their first temperature based boss battle. As the area is naturally Cold, it would make sense for a heat based boss to be showcased first as the Heat would naturally be easier to deal with in a cold environment. More details soon.

I’m aiming for the end of September for a fully playable demo for everyone. I’ll see you guys then!

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