Controller Support, quick melee coming soon.

Controller Support, quick melee coming soon.

Slowly but surely the game is being developed. I’ve had to review some of the AI behavior to take in node addresses so things don’t just blindly move into walls, this will result in more cleaner patrolling and the ability for AI to tell other allies where the player was last seen, where to patrol and how to move towards certain key points opening up some more diverse features for AI behavior.

Some changes to Carters toolset have been done, namely the orb shield is now a full circle around carter on top of being able to “quick parry”, akin to hack and slash games.

You can check out a small gif of Parry in Organism8 here:

It works a little different in our game.

1. Any type of parry will knockback melee targets to create room.
2. Aim to deflect missiles towards where you are aiming
3. Do not aim to deflect missiles directly back at the target who shot the missile
4. Parry also creates a ring that expands, destroying projectiles around Carter to ensure the player does not get gibbed by follow-ups.

There are augments for parry and there are augments for steady blocking so the player can have a reason to do either or, for example:

1. Parry to gain health regen for a limited time through an augment called “Breathing Room”.
2. Steady block against attacks to gain attack power bonuses through an augment called “Revenge”.
3. Parry for increased reflection damage through an augment called “Reroute Counter”.
4. Steady block against attacks to gain energy through an augment called “Kinetic Transform”

and many more.

The orb shield has its own stamina meter which needs to be managed.

Controller support is slowly taking form. Although unity does a good job with deadzones, some additional internal mechanics need to be performed so that the controller method feels native like the keyboard method.


The rework for the beam sword went by much faster than originally planned, thanks to the recreation of the player sprite into pieces that are linked together by joints which means animation is merely a couple degree entries away. Melee swings are slotted, this allows for things like shortcuts, moving swings around in a modular format, or just adding new ones to the current arsenal without changing too much. If I wanted to add any more topical features to the game like kicking or fisticuffs, the workload would be minor.

With the advances to controller support, we’ll be moving beamsword into its own category (right now its the close shot setting for laser), which means laser close shot will be getting a new toy, and we’ll be expanding melee as a full feature of the game.

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