First post of 2019!

First post of 2019!

It’s been a fantastic 2018 filled with new developments and a bunch of learning on my part. I’ve got some great plans for this year, the dialogue and cutscene managers have been instantiated and are slowly being filled out as these are being written from scratch just so I can get the effects that I want.

The above gif is of course something I’ve already posted on twitter. A lot of this is a work on progress and requires some special effects to get certain points across. For example; Carter’s eyes and background transition between colors as she talks if you switch equipment elements.

There are some lore reasons behind this aspect to her, more will be revealed later.

The temperature model is constantly being looked at to ensure that the environmental temperature system is playable for lower end systems(It’s a pixel game, there’s no reason as to why it wouldn’t be playable on a lower end system). Speaking of which.

The game is running almost flawlessly on a cheaper business laptop (around 80ish FPS currently just due to the excessive physics calls that I need to optimize, will try to get more frames out as I review some of the ray casting, etc.) that I bought from staples making it more accessible to people with lower end systems.

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